I enjoy writing stories and making art.
Trying out Game Developing as well! Be sure to look out for future games!

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Today I turn 21!

(My birthday is 20th so I am a bit late lol, as always)

Just looking back at my life, it is crazy. How much I went through and changed. First I wanted to be a zoo keeper, than own my own circus, than make another Mall of Amarica, than to actor, animator, game dev, mascot, hotel staff (those fun one's like pools and arcades), and now here. Do I want to animate, dev, and act? hell yeah! But my true calling to become a writer. An author. My art comes in the forms of my writing. Ever since I was little, I made tons of stories through writings and my action figures. I love being in the little world, making shit up as I go. Now I want to share the stories I have made with all of you.

Especially one story. A story that has been with me throughout my childhood. It's changed so much just like me, but lately I haven't been doing much as I wanted to. I've been lazy and scared. Scared that I won't be able to do that things I wanna do in the future. That I can't write or do side projects because of time. It's a scary thought, losing everything you have worked on because of time.

I want to promise myself. Make a vow. I will write more stories and I will work hard on telling them through different ways, such as books, animations, and the ever so fun projects like the Voice Acting Collaboration. I will do what I set out to do before I grew lazy and unmotivated.

I am thankful for those who will support me along the way. Comments, likes, criticism, and donations really do help. I read them everytime I enter my page and still think of them. Thanks to you; treat yourself nicely my friend!

But anyways, enough talk. I am going to enjoy myself for a bit before I get to work. Thank you for reading my story.

And happy birthday, Blue Ghost!


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