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Hey everyone! Happy Late New Years!

Man, things do sure fly. Honestly, I'm kinda glad I came back to Newgrounds! I came here in 2020, never really touched it, came back in 2021 and now wanting to do more on this platform! I've been doing a lot more then I thought I would have, inside and outside of Newgrounds. Doing the Secret Santa 2021 was really fun! While there was a few bad apples with it, I still had a lot of fun regardless. I want to make this news post to say what I have plan for the future.

Things I will be doing more is...

I'll most likely being joining more events, that would be fun. I'll do art; one art piece per month. Art is a side thing for me but I enjoy doing it. I'll try and collab with people as well! While I'm not good with game making and music, I would love to help with other things! Writing, Art, and I may or may not try voice acting. My voice sounds bad but maybe someone will find use for it XD. I'll also try my hand at animation too.

I will 100% practice my writing and story telling skills. If you have read Just More Time, you will know that I am not the greatest at grammar. I will be working on improving this. I will also be writing a short story! A small book series for Newgrounds.

Ethan and Jex V. Everything. A sci-fi story.

Two outlaws, a cyborg and a coyote, who are constantly on the run for crimes they keep accidentally (and sometimes purposely) commiting on different galaxies/planets! I'm looking forwards to share this story with everyone.

Well, that's all I got to share. I hope everyone's New Years starts out strong. Thank you Newgrounds for accepting me here. Looking fowards to work with others and to do more here!

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